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Balta Triple Cheese Burger

Brioche bun; butter; Colima salt; caramelized onions with chipotle; smoked bacon; camembert fondue; fourme d’ambert cheese; cheddar cheese.


1. On a hot fry pan, toast the bacon and set aside.

2. On the same fry pan with all the bacon fat, sear the meat that’s previously been seasoned with Colima salt on high heat for 3 minutes on each side. When you turn it over, cover with cheddar cheese and fourme d’ambert.

3. Cut the brioche bun in half, spread the inside with butter and sear it on a hot pan.

4. Boil some water and submerge the onions in their bag to warm them up.

5. Assemble the burger the following order: brioche bun, meat with melted cheeses, caramelized onions with chipotle, smoked bacon, camembert fondue, brioche bun.


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